satellite moon

Once again, I’m orbiting A Lamentation of Swans, trapped by the pull of the manuscript, by its potential and possibilities to one day become a full-fledged planet um…novel.

This week has been spent wandering through its pages, giving much thought to what I’ve got so far, where I am, where I stopped, and what stopped me this damn time. This morning I started revising a scene that occurs late in the novel because I realized–why this didn’t occur to me sooner escapes me–the scene had no conflict in it, not a smidgen, and it needed that particular tension. So…it’s better now, but not finished. ‘Though I know what I’m aiming for finally.

I’ve also journeyed through the earlier chapters, a trampled field of words, much in need of weeding, re-seeding, and replowing. So I zig-zag along.

Have managed 13 hours, 45 minutes of edit time during the March Edit. Will try to get in a few more hours before the 31st.

Breath of the Grave received an encouraging rejection and is already out again, knocking on another door. Three Heartbeats is the next one out of the nest–soon as I can remember to send it on its merry.

Almost time for the quarterly assessment. Spring has arrived, but Century City’s winds insist on dragging winter around. Still, sunshine and the greening of things has inspired me to do something special to boost the writing and my oft-flagging morale–more about that later.

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