spent penny

Breath of the Grave, January’s short story, was rejected, but the note encouraged me to submit again, said the story was well written and made the short list–so there’s hope.  Shadow was rejected too, by another market. Publishers, 2; Me, 0–so it goes. Not sure what to do with Shadow, but I’ll send Breath of the Grave out again.

Working on an untitled story with a steampunk West setting. I’d had a market in mind for this one, if I got it written in time–not. The opening is good, but no significant set-up yet. I like my two main characters and have got an intriguing set of supporting players, but no story, ‘though ideas are drifting by me like dandelion floaters.

The weather has turned warm, spring begins Saturday, and I’m definitely ready for sunny days and sweet breezes. Yesterday a radical idea about writing A Lamentation of Swans, about redesigning its structure, struck me upside the head, but it’s a frightening prospect to put into play so I don’t know…will have to let it tread water a while.

What else did I do this week so far…oh yeah…edited Three Heartbeats, have to type in the changes.