absent muse

I’ve been terribly lax lately, that lately includes a couple years of not posting or posting intermittently here at pendrifter, the pen is drifting into the abyss, into invisibility, drowning in the great white sea with the ephemeral hope of suddenly knowing how to swim.

Already my goals and objectives for 2010 are slipping beneath the waves.


2 thoughts on “absent muse

  1. I’m feeling a bit burned out lately too after lots of writing and meeting deadlines with the Olympics. But now my classes are pretty well wound up, I’m looking forward to Spring break, and I hope by next week I’ll be back into the novel again. I’m still trying to let my brain rest a bit as I really felt exhausted by the beginning of this week when the Big Party was over.

    I’ll try to catch up on reading and writing blogs too.

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