Finally gave Taken a new title: Blanchefleur, but I’m not entirely happy with that one either. It’ll do for now. Not a very productive week, but I revised Chapter 2 and wrote the final six pages to the “First Night” scene, and now I’ve reached that icky point where I don’t know what to write. I’ve divided the story into two parts. Part I is at 29,000 words now, not sure how long it’s going to be.

On a cheerier note,  The Horror Zine anthology, And Now The Nightmare Begins, containing my story Ghost of Roses, is garnering good reviews at AlienSkin, The Baryon Review, and Compulsive Reader. I’d insert the links but WordPress isn’t cooperating for some reason so soon as I figure out why not, will post ’cause getting to the review ought to be easy, right?

Wee Fictionaires meeting this morning, and then this afternoon, I’ll do character work for Blanchefleur. Still not an inkling of an idea for the March short story.