Wrote 460 words on the February short story, which I’ve titled Grinding Time, but I don’t know if it’s going to turn into a real story, not even sure if there is a story, and my ideas evaporate as soon as they float into view, can’t seem to get a fix on anything. Chilly this morning, but the sun’s shining brightly, expect it’ll be a pleasant day weather-wise.

Finished my read-through and edit notes on Taken–will be happy when I come up with a new title since Taken is so very taken, a shriveled leaf from the title tree.

Revised the opening paragraph of Auno’s Widow, it’s smoother now, not tripping all over itself.

Monday again.

February’s objectives:

  • Submit the 4 short stories: Breath of the Grave, Shadow, Auno’s Widow, and Three Heartbeats
  • Write the February short story
  • Re-read Taken, do edit notes
  • Send out picture book manuscript, How Moon Got Her Glow