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And Now the Nightmare Begins: The Horror Zine anthology is getting good reviews, and, much to my delight, one reviewer said this about my story, Ghost of Roses:

“When Kyle’s soul mate lover died his mind plays tricks making him unapproachable to concerned friends. But this is no soppy story, it is superbly written, evidenced by clever sensual Show especially in the use of sense of smell and in colour. Thank you, Debra! Also in the metaphors: guilt, an iceberg in his soul, vast, slow, and deeply buried…
In my top three in this anthology.”

Here’s me: grinning.

All the stories in the anthology are good. One of my favorites (besides my own) is What The Dead Are For by Terry Grimwood. The Hands by Ramsey Campbell is fine classic Campbell, and Simon Clark’s The Pass packs a powerful shock. I also liked The Man With The Crocodile Eyes by Kyle Hemming and Christina Hoag’s My Mother’s Knives. Really, every story in the anthology is a winner. (See sidebar link under “Fiction.”)

January’s scooted off-stage and February has tap-danced in. I finished the month in good shape, except for Sweet Taboo. Here’s the round-up:

Sweet Taboo, the rewrite grew from 51,072 words to 54,067. I didn’t write one page every day, although I did have some good sessions. That particular goal has become ash already and Sweet Taboo is on the shelf for now, in keeping with my decision not to wrestle with a stubborn manuscript. It can kneel with its face to the wall until it’s ready to be reasonable. I’m supposed to complete the rewrite by 3/31/2010. Doubt it.

Completed in three weeks’ time the January short story, Breath of the Grave. Can’t believe I made the goal of writing one short story in the month. Yay me. 

Meantime, yesterday, glory be, I solved a story problem in A Lamentation of Swans and finished the Gaius section this morning. Now I can move on to the Mira section.

Taken, 2007’s (I think) NaNo manuscript, replaces Sweet Taboo. It’s been much on my mind anyway. Going to re-read the manuscript and reconnect with the story. It’s a finished very rough draft, but I don’t think it’s going to give me much trouble. Perhaps I’ll be able to meet the 3/31/2010 goal with it.


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  1. Congratulations on the wonderful feedback for your short story! And WOW, what a wonderful new look for your blog! Glad to see you making such excellent progress with your work. You’re well on your way!

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