Mondays are always tough, like climbing a mountain, but here we are at midweek already. The promised rainstorm came and went yesterday, no more than a few sprinkles, enough to wring the clouds dry. Writing continues on Sweet Taboo; I’m going to have to revise the Olivewood Cemetery scene–not now, later. The point of view should be Randall’s. I have not written on it every day, but it’s got my focus. I’ve accumulated some pages, haven’t checked the word total lately, don’t think I’ll be finished with it when I reach 60,000. It’s going to go through my head one more time anyway. Yesterday morning the brain too full of sludge to start Chapter 14 so I reorganized the novel on Scrivener, created chapter folders and dropped in the scenes for each. Still thinking about what to write for Chapter 15. Best to start with Randall, I think.

Must re-read Three Heartbeats, sent Breath of the Grave to Janet, and that reminds me–must send her Three Heartbeats too.