Something to remember–we all began as cute, yes, we were cute little babies peeing in our diapers, giving our mothers and fathers sloppy, toothless smiles. The journey from that point to maturity and independence is fraught with change, full of chance, serendipity, randomness–scary randomness.

Every day is a journey; every day is full of chance and opportunity, forged on the anvil of tomorrow. Sometimes single minded purpose, considered a good thing, can shape us and set us on a path no wider than a sword blade, and we can become monsters.

Sometimes a multiplicity of purpose leads us onto the path of light and shadows–for there is not one without the other. We become what we become, and life is all about becoming. There is always a moment of divergence where we choose a path that branches off from the main, which we lay with our own steps as we move forward through our days.