Balmy weather yesterday, felt like a day in early summer. Went to see DAYBREAKERS, liked it, think the story was given too short an execution for its premise: an unknown plague has transformed the world’s population into vampires  and the human race is threatened with extinction.

At one hour and thirty-eight minutes run time, the movie rushed toward its conclusion, the plot twists somewhat startling. Good tension and one particularly amazing sequence that should’ve had a more profound affect on the plot than was expressed in the visual narrative, oh, I’m forgetting, there was one other amazing sequence too.

Good performances by Ethan Hawke  and Sam Neill, and the ever-interesting Willem Dafoe. I give it a 7, plan to see it again ’cause the end left me feeling like I’d missed something, however, I will add it to my growing collection of vampire films when the dvd hits the market.

Yesterday went by like smoke on the wind, and I didn’t work on Sweet Taboo, although I did get something done for A Lamentation of Swans, but I completely forgot I was going to submit Auno’s Widow to another market. No new pages at all on January short story #1.

Today I must start the Olivewood Cemetery scene for Sweet Taboo, and I plan to see AVATAR in 3D, saw it in 2D already. Don’t want today going up in smoke so I better get to work.