dreams rising like bubbles

Alrighty then! I’m excited. The final year of the first decade of this century begins in twenty-four hours. I love new beginnings! I’ve got plans for 2010, yes I do. I’m leaving 2009 in pretty good shape, writing-wise. I got my copy of The Horror Zine anthology yesterday. It’s a beautiful edition. The artwork is wonderfully sinister and creepy, and I’m so glad to see Ghost of Roses–which I thought would never be published–in its new home. I’m very pleased.

So, time for bobbles and triumphs, the sequel.  Here’s how it went in 2009.

2009 Assessment

Goals Accomplished

  1. Published Ghost of Roses short story at The Horror Zine online (2nd Acceptance!)
  2. Completed NANO novel draft – The Key to Chaos
  3. Worked on A Lamentation of Swans, 1st Quarter – 42,804 words
  4. Completed 1st Revision goal of 50,o00 words of Sweet Taboo
  5. A total of 4 short stories went to market (2 didn’t come back; 1 did; and 1’s still out there.)
  6. Submitted How Moon Got Her Glow to an agent. (Rejected.)

Unmet Goals

  1. Did not complete A Lamentation of Swans
  2. Did not write a new short story
  3. Did not write the Loose Daddy synopsis
  4. Did not set up freelance writing site
  5. Did not research Taken
  6. Did not write every day


Attended World Fantasy Convention, San Jose, CA

Signed up at WD Online for fiction workshop to work on A Lamentation of Swans. Completed workshop.

In January, will post 2010 GDR’s.


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