bobbles and triumphs

Farewell dear 2009–you were a year of sad and bad, a few bobbles and true triumphs. –Michelle K.

Looking back for a moment, having two short stories published were the highlights of the year for me, and completing another NaNo novel– what will become in time the Next Book–was also a triumph.

And there were a few bobbles–not finishing A Lamentation of Swans being the biggest. I was better at managing my time, but still not as disciplined as I’d like–butt must land in chair with better regularity. I didn’t write every day, and didn’t write the Loose Daddy synopsis.

Still, as I enter the final year of the first decade of the 21st century, I’m a lot farther down the writing road than I used to be and much, much closer to accomplishing my ultimate goal–becoming a fulltime writer.