Can’t believe I missed mentioning… The Horror Zine anthology, And Now the Nightmare Begins,  containing my short story Ghost of Roses is out from BearManor Fiction, in stock and up at Amazon! Two of my favorite horror writers–Ramsey Campbell and Simon Clark–have a story in it. Yes–I have a big grin on my face right now.

Here’s what Amazon says:

The Horror Zine has burst onto computers all over the world as an e-zine. “And Now the Nightmare Begins” brings you the very best from The Horror Zine as a book. From dark fantasy and pure suspense to classic horror, this book from The Horror Zine contributors is relentless in its approach to basic fears and has twisted, unexpected endings. So come and find out what terrifying things can creep out of The Horror Zine to make your skin crawl. “And Now the Nightmare Begins: THE HORROR ZINE” contains contributions from famous writers such as Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Joe R. Lansdale, and Trevor Denyer. But it also contains deliciously dark delights from morbidly creative people who have not made the big time…yet.

Here’s the link…

“And Now the Nightmare Begins”

Ghost of Roses is my second published story. The first, The Baby, published in September 2009,  Issue #41 of Dark Fire Fiction can be found in the Fiction Archive at “Dark Fire Fiction”.


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