Winding down from Christmas, gearing up for New Year’s. It’s a cool morning, electric-bright, and I’m not inclined to go outside at all. I’ve decided to shelve A Haunting of Roses–after a fairly good burst of creativity, it slammed into The Wall and fell flat without a twitch. I guess now is not its time; I’m not going to wrestle with it.

I’ve set my goals for the new year but the GDR’s are not firmed up yet. One thing for sure–I want to send out a book in 2010. I thought A Haunting of Roses would be that book, but no. I’ve replaced it with Taken, my 2008 NaNo manuscript, plucking at my mind for many months now,  ignored and languishing in favor of other fiction. It’s a finished rough draft much in need of considerable tearing apart and reworking before it becomes a good second draft. I’ve decided to make it The Novel for 2010.


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  1. Hello Debra! I am so glad to see you are well and working. Hope you had a happy holiday! I am working on the Internet, looking up some things for my WIP. I saw Dixie Belle yesterday. We had lunch and visited in Corinth. It’s cold!

    I miss ya! Will check in again. Hugs. Janie

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