winter daze


Decided to work at home this morning, drive in at 7, deal with Thursday traffic. The temp outside was 44 degrees, my brain was at the same, but I managed 96 words of a new scene between Baron Tetakai and one of his servants. Ninety-six words are good for five o’clock in the morning. Then I put on my game face and got ready to crawl through the dreadful zombie traffic. Surprise! We rolled along just fine–no significant stoppages, despite reports of two problems–a broken-down car in a middle lane and an accident. Didn’t encounter either–all was clear by the time I reached La Tijera, a mile before the Howard Hughes off-ramp. Got to the office with time to spare. Wow.

I’m tired of getting up and heading out so early anyway, so I think I’ll change my schedule and work at home, leave at 7, see how my blood pressure manages.


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