Methinks, a million fools in choir, Harry Clarke

That’s a reminder–must proof my story Ghost of Roses in the final copy edit of The Nightmare Begins, The Horror Zine anthology. After this final review, it goes to print!

Need to update the word count for A Haunting of Roses. I’ve written a little more. This weekend won’t be as busy for me as the last so I’m hoping to make considerable progress with it.

Finally got a rejection back from the magazine I’d sent Auno’s Widow to. I’d submitted it in May. Gosh, you think they could’ve said no sooner? Anyway, I’ve got another place to send it and that’s the other task for the weekend.

My friend Michelle’s latest mystery story, the excellent A Spider in Zanzibar is out in the special double issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, the January/February 2010 issue. I loved it! Okay, so I’m a bit prejudiced. Still, if you enjoy well written mystery short stories–go and buy.