in the pink

Crown Anemone, Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

The lovely long weekend is drawing to a close. I spent today writing the first chapter of A Haunting of Roses, a fantasy novel set in Angharad, like A Lamentation of Swans. I’m not sure how long this novel will be, but I’m aiming for 75,000 words; it may be longer or shorter. I started on it early this morning, paused to take the garbage out, and discovered it was a beautiful warm day outside–so I took a walk up to the bluff and sat and stared at the ocean for a while. The breezes were warm, sweetly scented from the dried weeds and grasses on the bluff and the sea was glazed with a hard shimmer of late afternoon sunshine. I walked back home and went back to work on the novel for a while longer.

Last week I watched my STAR TREK dvd, enjoyed it all over again. What a great movie–a terrific reset to my all time, #1 favorite TV series (the original). Saw NEW MOON again over the holiday weekend, and enjoyed it very much. It’s a better done film than TWILIGHT, although I liked TWILIGHT, I felt the story could’ve been better developed. I’m looking forward to ECLIPSE, which opens next June.

I’m not looking forward to the start of the work week and the zombie run, but I’ll be busy in the early hours of the morning working on A Haunting of Roses–a good start to my day.