covered in mud, but grinning

The Sphinx of the Seashore, Elihu Vedder

Broke 35,000 this morning. Once finished, The Key to Chaos will likely sit on Mac’s hard drive for years, untouched, in all its muddy glory. It is 90% dreck, 10% good stuff with good ideas speckling it like pecan bits in a not so great cookie, burned at the edges, too much salt. Good ideas. Very good ideas. Execution–not so much, but that’s okay. It can soak and simmer in the swamp for a while. Maybe it’ll surface shining and alluring like Excalibur.

But not in 2010. In 2010, one of my novels is going out the door agent hunting. Not sure which one yet, but I’m thinking A Haunting of Roses–it’s my December project, getting it ready. But possibly one of the others–Sweet Taboo or even Loose Daddy (Hah! Fat chance!) or I may blow the dust off Shadow Walk, and there’s also Silk River. Not lacking for choices. Just need a little backbone.

2 thoughts on “covered in mud, but grinning

  1. It has to be written before it can be revised or submitted. Good work, cracking 35K!

    You’ll figure out which book needs to get out the door first. Trust your instincts and don’t over-think it.

  2. Congratulations on your word count! I feel that way, too, about my current draft. The important thing is I’m working through the story, thinking it through. I can do another draft and I’m sure it’ll be better, or go back to my first draft which had excellent chapters, but fell apart at the midpoint due to lack of planning. So, there are always options, and sometimes just pushing through helps us find the story and then we can work more on execution. I’ve had to accept that sometimes I’m just writing throw-away stuff as part of the process as I work toward the really good stuff. The important thing is moving forward and getting it written! And we can take heart by remembering that some of our stuff really is good and very much worthwhile.

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