Young Ladies Looking at Japanese Objects Tissot
Young Ladies Looking at Japanese Objects, Tissot

Just a note–have reached a little over 18,000 words on the November novel for Nano. When I have a moment I’m going to try to place a Nano counter so I can update here.

And, one more milestone, finished reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer during lunch today. Wow is all I can say. That’s one down and 99 to go on my 5 Year, 100 Books reading project. I can now remove Neuromancer from the list, which will shrink as I read my way through it, book by book.

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    • The writing is great, and the story is fascinating. I plan to read it again some time in the future.

  1. Congratulations on your Nano progress! And what a great idea, to set up a list to read, and then set about reading it! I’ve never thought to do that. I just think a few books ahead.

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