Carnival of Harlequin.JoanMiro

Carnival of Harlequin, Joan Miro

So, today’s post is by my very good friend who shall remain nameless, guest posting incognito, who discovered that starting up her new iMac meant more than plugging it into the wall and hitting the ON button. There were issues…

ISSUE NUMBER 01:  The Mac power cable is only about 6 feet long which was about 2 feet shorter than how I wanted to configure it.  So I went to Target, fought my way through their parking lot, hunted down their surge protector power bars (why it needed to be next to shampoo, I’m still puzzling over), and, between the two models they had, chose the one with the 6 foot power cable, because You Never Know.  Fought my way out of the parking lot and went home.  Hooked everything up.  Took me 30 minutes to find the iMac ON button; okay, I had to resort to the manual as everything on the computer is designed to be transparent visually and tactilely.  And it didn’t turn on.  Brief meltdown while I thought that I had to repack the computer and get it to the Apple store.  Since I bought the power bar model without the ON button and light, I hooked up Boeing PC and it didn’t turn on either.  Time out for some cussing.  I returned to Target, fought my way through the parking lot, after a brief skirmish with someone unhelpful nabbed a 2 foot bus with light and ON switch, took it to Returns and made the clerk test it although she wouldn’t till the exchange was made, fought my way out of the parking lot and returned home.  iMac powered on immediately and joyously took me through a few profiling procedures, and then we arrived at the next snag.

ISSUE NUMBER 02:  A video screen appeared and showed an unflattering video of a woman who had ‘tired from Fantasy Con and November Novel’ bags under her eyes, hair in all directions from trying to tear it out over the power bus, and a wild look in her eyes from skirmishing with Target personnel and bad parking lot drivers.  Took me a minute before I realized it was Me.  Then iMac told me brightly it wanted to take my picture.  After four very bad takes, I allowed it to take a picture of the back of my head and we were finished.

Other than these two major issues, the installation was a breeze.