edward reginald frampton6

I’m remembering a cartoon…a little creature walks into a wall, backs up a step, walks into it again, backs up, walks into it again, as if walking into that wall over and over would eventually cause it to disappear…that sort of resembles me and Sweet Taboo. But I’m smarter than that little creature, I figured out to get the story engine running again, I need to write more about Deidre and Randall’s relationship (mortal + ghost) and balance it against Deidre and Demario’s friendship. Must focus on points of contention between Deidre and Randall and points of sympatico between Deidre and Demario. Must back away from the wall, turn and take another path in the story labyrinth.

The weather is gradually turning cooler–while summer wrestles with winter, punching the old man with warming trend after warming trend, but wind is evening the score, blowing rough and cold through the day.

I’m all signed up for NANO, and October is story notes and outline month for this year’s November Novel, tentatively titled, Castle in the Air. I hope to be ready come November 1st!