thin ice, heavy skates

Storm Spirits.Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

The Storm Spirits, Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

October 1st, started working on the outline for this year’s NANO novel, temporarily setting Sweet Taboo aside. I’m stuck at a certain point anyway, although I like to think that I’m not. I’ve made my 50,000 word rewrite goal, and the story has expanded some so I’ve reset the manuscript to 60,000 and I’m word by wording my way to that final scene, already in place.

Meanwhile, I’m working on two short stories, one science fiction and one steampunkish. I also submitted another short story to market and have one more ready to go–that gives me five submissions this year–two which were published. A record year for me. Usually, I’m doing good to get one out the door.

So it’s October, Time’s scythe has sliced into the last quarter of the year. November is going to pass in a haze of pages, but still, hoping to complete ST.