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Bacchante.William Bouguereau

Bacchante, William Bouguereau

48,664, Sweet Taboo. Just finished reading Caitlin Kiernan’s The Red Tree, her latest novel. Enjoyed it, was fascinated by it, the strong, beautiful writing and the story of obsession and haunting based on New England folklore. I was a wee bit unsatisfied by the ending, but I already knew from the beginning the fate of the main character, Sarah Crowe. The story is neatly framed and told in journal form, Sarah’s journal, drawn from another journal–that of a parapsychologist obsessed with New England folklore. Much of Caitlin Kiernan is in this book and that adds to my fascination. Daughter of Hounds and The Five of  Cups remain my top favorites of her books. Low Red Moon drew me into her fiction; I’ve yet to read Silk.

Today is the first day of a 3-day weekend. Monday is Yom Kippur and the office is closed. I’ve a writing agenda:

  • Read through Loose Daddy
  • Continue plotting the end of Sweet Taboo, and switch placement of the 1st and 2nd scenes, and also find the  second Nathaniel scene
  • Find a market for my short story, Lost and Found
  • Continue story notes for the vampire novel that involves a romantic triangle

I didn’t add the Simon story to the list, but I’d like to spend some time with it as well. Don’t know if I will though–the plate is already full, especially with reading Loose Daddy, though that isn’t something I can do at one sitting.

Now that I’ve finished The Red Tree, I’m going to read Neuromancer, which is on my 100 books, 5-year reading list.

Bright and sunny outside, going to be another scorching September day.