serengeti september

FindingofDonJuan.Ford Madox Brown

The Finding of Don Juan, Ford Madox Brown

47,546, Sweet Taboo. Serengeti September. Think I saw a herd of gazelle crossing the 405 this morning. Just commenting, not complaining. Considering summer’s reluctance to settle in June, July, and a good deal of August, ironically, it’s taking its leave with a vengeance. Hot days and nights, and the late afternoon sun shining through an amber haze from the wildfires.

Loved episode 3 of Supernatural, season 4; watched it last night. Season 4 deepens the story arcs began in Season 3. Sam and Dean are reunited, and the storylines combine singular incidents of the brothers fighting supernatural creatures to each following their own path on a converging arc. Great writing, compelling action, strong themes.

Sweet Taboo is attempting to stall, but I’m not letting it go from a running stream to still water. Need to think through the plot some more, need to clarify my themes, which I hope will shape the action and yield a satisfying conclusion.

Monthly meeting with Michelle tomorrow. It’s the last quarter of the year; time for a review. I dropped the great big ball of A Lamentation of Swans, despite my promise to finish it this year, but I’ve had other successes so there. Still, one of these years…

So glad it’s a long weekend!