grapes and onions


Morning Work

47,546, Sweet Taboo. Even the early morning air is warm. Summer’s closing with a vengeance, but since June and July were not particularly summery, September ‘s taking up the slack. I’m trying to avoid getting off track with Sweet Taboo. The story is veering in the wrong direction, and I’ve run into the brambles. Things aren’t falling apart in the second draft, and I’ve reached what I feel is the last third of the book, and I’m stuck. There’s still the Deidre-Randall arc, and the Demario issue. Conclusions grow from within characters. Their actions and reactions carry the seeds that will bloom into the story’s end. I know the final scene, have already sketched it, getting there is the problem.

Finally got my dvd set of Supernatural, 4th season. I’m two episodes in–the first show had me watching wide-eyed and breathless; the second was terrific. Ruby has a new body so that’s an adjustment and Sam has acquired a new power, which he’s hiding from Dean, of course. The 4th season looks like an all-around winner–may be the best season yet. Love when a favorite show just keeps getting better and better.


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