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A Classical Beauty. John William Godward

A Classical Beauty, John William Godward

The weekend all blue and gold, draped and drenched in sunlight, a real summer weekend at last! Saturday afternoon, after coming home from my writer’s meeting, I worked a little on the November 2008 NaNo manuscript. I’ve got the skeleton of the plot fully laid out in my head, but the rewrite will take more time and focus than I have to give right now.

At the meeting I read Three Heartbeats, received excellent and useful feedback–don’t know what I’m going to do to resolve some of the issues the story has, but it can rest a while in the swamp.

Sunday I worked on Sweet Taboo, trying to figure out what to do from the point where I am, and this morning, doing story notes for it, I got more insight about the theme(s) and now know where to take each character’s storyline. Demario is turning significant, and will be a linchpin for Deidre’s action. Randall will come to a certain realization, and Kenny…well Kenny has a ways to go in his struggle, but he’ll get his epiphany. I think the ghostslayer Nathaniel will help with that.

I’ve finally got each thread focused, and I can see ahead a little. I was beginning to think I’d be lost in the fog hovering over this story for a while longer, but looks like I’ve got a chance to finish the rewrite with a very satisfying conclusion. Aiming to have it done by December 31st.

Watched more Blood Ties online, and the later stories raised my opinion of the series; still think True Blood is better, but I like this show, particularly enjoyed the love triangle between Mike, Vicky, and Henry, (beautifully played by Kyle Schmid) and the snappy dialogue. Have only the final show left to watch, but I’ve ordered both seasons from Amazon. Good series; too bad it was canceled after two seasons. Why did they do that?  There was terrific set-up for Vicky’s demon marks, and it looked like Mike and Henry might come to terms in some way, possibly, somewhere down the line, and of course there was Vicky’s and Henry’s relationship. Damn! I really wanted to see that continue.


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  1. UCLA colors! The last story I read is resting too. I think this a good thing. I had a poetry professor who believed that poems once written must be put in the drawer for a year before tackling its rewrite. You’ve such a shelf of mature works in progress, you probably don’t need another piece screaming for attention.

    Hope your week is filled with new pages, stellar scenes, and epiphanies.


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