strange summer



Sliding toward late August, and summer feels as if it did no more than dip a toe into California this year. This, I think, is the coolest summer we’ve had in at least a decade. We’ve had a few golden days, but they haven’t been constant; I feel as if summer hasn’t happened yet, and all too soon for my peace of mind the days will shorten and darken, the time will change, and winter will be upon us. I would be perfectly happy to live in a place where summer is eternal, where winter doesn’t happen, and the clock need never lose or gain an hour. Anyone have a tropical island for sale, cheap? Really cheap? Cheaper than that? How about free?

At least I’ve got my novels–most of which seem to be at rest lately, but only because I’m contemplating what to do in the long plots. Stuff’s going on in the swamp, but nothing’s floated to the surface yet. Meanwhile, in between the daily zombie run, I’m working on a short story or two.

I’m very pleased at having finished Three Heartbeats, and now I’m thinking about a sword and sorcery tale that’s been unfinished in my files awhile, and a vampire short story that I’m starting from scratch. I’m going to read Three Heartbeats at my writer’s group meeting on Saturday.

So where am I with the novels?

Sweet Taboo — hanging fire still; can’t find the way to the end.

A Lamentation of Swans — have given it the Medusa glare so often it’s turned to stone.

Loose Daddy — still loose.

And I’m also engaged in rewriting the November 2008 NaNo manuscript, which has a good plot, and I’m thinking the second draft will be all it needs.

Hope springs eternal.