Ten days ago I said I would write…start writing the synopsis for Loose Daddy. Have not written word one. Oh well.

But I finished Three Heartbeats, (formerly The Girl in the Swamp Forest) which I began writing four or so months ago. That’s the first time I’ve finished a short story in less than, let’s say, many years, in a long time. Perhaps I’m improving. I’ll go over it again, but I’m pleased with it and with myself for finishing it without my usual franxiety (frantic anxiety) and silent wailing.

Meanwhile, I re-read my 2008 Nano manuscript and fell into its allure. This week I assembled a working outline, which I’ll expand, along with writing additional story notes. I cut the 55,030 words down to 30,000 or so–got rid of stuff that didn’t suit–so I could take a good look at the story bones and see what to do. I love this story.

Yesterday Netflix delivered the first dvd of Blood Ties, the Canadian vampire series based on Tanya Huff’s novels, which I have not read. I watched the episodes with some impatience, not really taking to the main characters, except Henry Fitzroy. I ordered all of Season 1, but I think Henry will be the only reason I keep watching, for a while anyway. I think  True Blood is better. True Blood’s characters have more depth, more dimension, and the episodes are better plotted. I’ll see how it goes with Blood Ties.