It is a gorgeous day–so lovely you want to turn cartwheels in the grass. The sun is peacefully hot made balmy by breezes blowing cool off the perfectly tinted aquamarine sea. Think I’m going to have to take a walk on the bluff in a little while.  The annual Long Beach Crawfish Festival opened at noon today, the final day, and I skipped off to it, my first time going in all the years I’ve lived here. Louisiana food, footloose zydeco, and family fun–for those with families. I invited my sisters and nieces but they couldn’t make it. Maybe next year. And the annual Lobster Festival is coming up in September. I’ve never gone to that one either.

I stuffed myself on a platter of crawfish, baby potatoes and corn–two pounds of crawfish and I ate every last one (making up for not having had any since 1980-something), finished off with beignets and chicory coffee. Bon temps!

This afternoon I’m going to finish printing out the latest revised version of LOOSE DADDY. Last night before settling down to viewing the last Season 1 episode of TRUE BLOOD,  I wrote 352 words on NYRABET AND THE SWORDWOMAN,  bringing the story to 2,032 words so far. This one is unfolding slowly, no frets though.

I may look at THE GIRL IN THE SWAMP later.

Meanwhile, I’ve now run out of my favorite shows until the latest seasons become available at Netflix. SUPERNATURAL, Season 4–where are you? TRUE BLOOD, Season 2–waiting. Fortunately I’ve got MAD MEN, Season 2 comng, and my LEXX movies to watch. Oh yeah, still waiting on THE TUDORS, Season 2!


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