one flew the nest

Grape Arbor Path

Expected today to be lost. I’m about to redo the living room and hall floors and my cherry laminate was due to be delivered today, and since I was going to have to spend time schlepping it all from the curb up to the apartment, didn’t think I’d have much time to give to the manuscripts. But–and for once, it’s a good but–I had time to do agent hunting and found an agent who is seeking children’s picture books so I wrote a query and sent off HOW MOON GOT HER GLOW. Fingers crossed!

And I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon editing LOOSE DADDY. Despite the enchanting sunshine and the bright blue sky outside, and the Crawfish Festival going on at Rainbow Harbor.

As for the floor stuff, I got all my wood and things up to the apartment thanks to my handy-dandy hand truck. The delivery guy was kind enough to deliver to my garage space and I spent about 45 minutes trolleying it all upstairs. I don’t understand why 2 guys with 2 hand trucks couldn’t have done the same in less than 30. It’s not like they’re expected to pick up and carry it all with their bare hands. Besides the wood packages are not that heavy and are small, and it’s not even that much stuff! Anyway, next week I’m going to finish packing away the book shelves and all will be ready to be moved when the installers arrive. d:)

Poking through the files I found a short story I never wrote the second scene to–but the first scene is good. I think there ought to be a second. Maybe tonight.

A good day afterall.