the dead and ?


Oh, What’s that in the Hollow?, Edward Robert Hughes

As I compose my essay on vampires, a running argument is going on between Dayya 1 and Dayya 2.

What’s this fascination with vampires?  complains Dayya 1. They’re dead for goodness sake! Dead, I tell you!

 Dayya 2 retorts, Not really dead; just not alive in the same way we are.

They don’t breathe; have no heartbeat; are corpse-cold; and the only thing that keeps them from being one step away from zombiehood is they talk, think, and don’t eat brains, says Dayya 1.

They breathe, only they’ve got a choice about it, says Dayya 2. And they aren’t always cold, especially after they’ve fed.

On human blood!

Doesn’t have to be human.

Oh please, says Dayya 1. They’re killers!

Not all of them kill. There’s a technique to it, you know.

No I don’t know! replies Dayya 1.  What’re are you anyway? A latent necrophiliac?

Now you’re getting nasty!

Me: sigh.


2 thoughts on “the dead and ?

  1. Have you seen “Let the right one in”–the Swedish vampire film? If not, it’s worth viewing. If so, like to know if you agree about it being GREAT.

    Hey,congrats on the story acceptance.

  2. Thank you! And yes; I’ve seen LET THE RIGHT ONE IN; loved it. It is a great vampire film. d:)

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