killing the darling

Blue Beauties

I sure wrote a lot on SHADOW WALK up until 2003 (started it in 1996), and now, revising it into a novella, I’m killing a lot of darlings–re-reading it, I’m thinking it’s not bad; the writing is good, but the story  shoots off in too many directions. Some of the scenes are very good, and some of those very good scenes won’t be in the novella. It probably should’ve been a novella from the start.

Beautiful weekend–hot, hot, hot. Sunshine has washed the sky of all but a suggestion of blue. Levi’s flopped out on the carpet. He must be getting a breeze from somewhere ’cause for once he’s not on his back, belly up, legs splayed as if the heat had done him in.

July’s nearly gone–summer’s fast disappearing. The years go by like whirling dervishes. I can’t believe that Sears actually put out Christmas stock this year before the 4th of July. What the hell is their rush? Like we need the pressure.