ACorneroftheVilla.Sir Edward John Poynter

A Corner of the Villa, Sir Edward John Poynter

32,000, Shadow Walk. Trying to keep the momentum going. The end plot still eludes me. Although Elias is about to introduce himself to Ally–about time.

Netflix darling: True Blood. It’s so nice to fall in love again. Took me a while to get around to this show. It captures the provincial small town of my home state, Louisiana, fairly well, except for the accent–Louisiana’s southern accent is not like the  accents of Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Carolinas. It’s softer, sing-songy, influenced by the rhythm of Cajun French. However, the Georgia accents of True Blood are close enough, I guess. Got to say, the heavy sex on this show makes me blush, but I like Bill and Sookie as well as the supporting characters. I’ve not read the books. Don’t know if I will; love the show.

To my surprise, I didn’t care for Moonlight.