summer daze

BoreasandOreithyia.De Morgan

Boreas and Oreithyia, Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

My favorite season is finally here–hot and sunny days galore. I’ve been busy gravitating between Shadow Walk and Sweet Taboo. Need a re-writing plan for Shadow Walk, which is shaping up to be a paranormal thriller rather than a horror novel. Fine by me.

Met with Michelle last Saturday, worked my way through the current draft of Shadow Walk, completed the read-through and edits and now I’m ready to start the re-write. Sweet Taboo on hold for a little bit, but I hope to get back to it soon.

At our meeting, Michelle and I did our half-year assessment.

June accomplishments:

  • The Baby accepted at Dark Fire. :)))
  • Submitted two short stories plus one more: Ghost of Roses.
  • Completed 12 x 20 project.
  • Added new scene to short story, The Girl in the Swamp
  • Added 7,768 words to Sweet Taboo since May (good words too)

July Goals:

  • Outline Shadow Walk.
  • Develop Nathaniel in Sweet Taboo.
  • Continue writing The Girl in the Swamp, short story.

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