Water Lily

Got an idea for a fantasy novel where the hero is a gargoyle. Must think about that one a bit. Like the idea, have scribbled a few notes about the hero. No story yet.

Spent a glorious 4th of July birthday with my sisters and nieces (the demonettes). Watching the youngest demonette (she turned 5 on Sunday) in the pool, I realized the child is a bundle of annoyances–in the way of mischievous, energetic children. She insisted on belly-flopping into the pool, sending tsunamis over her mother and me; spitting water at her older sister, throwing things at her, harassing her with the water toys, standing on the edge of the jacuzzi and giving her mother visions of her falling off and breaking herself–that got her a time-out for a bit–and generally having a good ol’ time, to our amusement. My sister offered to give both of them to me–delightful as they are, I politely declined.

Sweet Taboo is on the sideline for a moment. Shadow Walk has lured me into working on it for a little while–writing the second draft. I roughly finished the first draft years ago; roughly ’cause I left a hole near the end; now I’m hoping to finish it again without a hole. Who knows–might have two manuscripts ready by the end of July!

There’s an interesting Nora Roberts interview at Borders (link below) that reminded me of the value of the discovery draft. I tend to start writing as soon as I get a story idea, and of course, I get into trouble. My first drafts are definitely discovery drafts since I often do not have a clue to where I’m going with a story when I start it. I’m really trying to break that habit–somewhat–and teach myself to outline first. Then my discovery drafts won’t be so nightmarish.

Happy writing, d:)

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