tip-toeing through the tulips

Valewood Farm Helen Allingham
Valewood Farm, Helen Allingham

41,420. Sunday turned out hot and sunny. I grabbed my big straw hat, my beach chair, pen and tablet, and took myself off to the bluff to sit and write the next scene in Sweet Taboo, continuing Chapter 12. A lovely sun-gilded afternoon, but the winds sliced through coming off the ocean with a cold edge. Refreshing to the beachgoers, I’m sure, but despite the sunshine, I was getting chill bumps. I stuck it out for an hour and got the scene done. Six good handwritten pages, typed out to four pages, 1,090 words. I’m pleased with the scene between Kenny and his sister Deidre. It went well, and I got a pleasant surprise. I knew what Kenny wanted and I knew Deidre’s perspective, but I wasn’t sure how the interaction between them would go. Nice to see the word meter move along.

I did my happy dance. Thanks, Michelle!