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Woman Weighing Gold.Jan Sanders van Hemessen
Woman Weighing Gold, Jan Sanders van Hemessen

Good session yesterday. Carved out 4 hours and wrote 1,618 words on Sweet Taboo, reached a good point in the story, and updated the counter; 1,689 words on the short story which I’ve tentatively titled The Girl in the Swamp; only 712 words on Trail of Shadows–this one is getting shelved for a while now that the spark’s returned for Sweet Taboo, and 4 pages on the screenplay, Shadow Walk.

Shadow Walk is a horror novel I finished some years ago. I left a big hole in the story and didn’t feel like rewriting it at all so it’s been buried in the files for years. Pulled it out a couple years ago and began rewriting it as a screenplay, ran into trouble with it and dropped it on the floor for a couple more years, now I’m back to work on it. Yesterday’s work was a great step forward.

What pleases me the most about yesterday’s work was the progress made on The Girl in the Swamp, 4,258 words so far. This particular short story is developing nicely and may actually go out the door when I’m finished. I’m not pressuring myself about it, and think of it as the toy I pull out and play with when the mood strikes.

As for my poor frequently abandoned baby, A Lamentation of Swans, which I promised myself I’d finish this year, it’s waiting for a little love. I may look at it today.

Thanks, Devon, for the reminder that things are moving along.