Rio dei Mendicanti with the Scuola di San Marco, Bernardo Bellotto

A bit of catching up to do…last week came down with a flu bug that sparked a lupus flare, thought I was getting better Saturday/Sunday–fever’s gone, aches and pains gone–but now I’ve got a head and chest cold. I’ve coughed so much my teeth ache. Woke up this morning with eyes bloodshot enough to give a drunkard pause. I know this too will pass but when–!?

Saturday, when I thought I was on the mend, I devoted the day to writing work, following along with the annual New York Writers Coalition WriteAThon where you devote a day to your writing, doing whatever you want or need to do with your projects, including any and all associated writing activities. Found out about it via Editorial Ass by way of the Running After My Hat blog. Since I’d planned to devote May 16 to working on my WIPs, this was perfect. The idea is to devote a full day to your writing, 10 to 6, officially, with an hour’s break for lunch, but really whatever fulltime hours you want, and the idea is to devote the day to your writing, not necessarily write all day. 10 to 6 was my original plan anyway, but I didn’t get started until 10:30. It was a productive day.

I sent off two short stories, finished the edits on Loose Daddy, and wrote a new scene for Sweet Taboo. I finished the Sweet Taboo scene at 5:45, worn out and still afflicted, but happy.