okay, break’s over


Finished Breaking Dawn, the final book in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, last night. Wow. Great reads all the way through. Kudos to Meyer, who has written an entertaining and compelling tale. Being the avid vampirophile that I am, I loved these books. She built so much tension in the final chapters of Breaking Dawn, I had to take breather breaks as I read it. Wish there was another one in the series. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched the movie (hangs head).

So I’m back. It’s May 1 and I’m feeling bright-eyed again. After giving myself a spirited talking-to, I blew the dust off of a batch (yep, I’ve actually written a batch) of short stories and decided to send them out. This week was market research week. I haunted Ralan’s, Duotrope, and Asbiewe’s (I’d link but it’s too much work at this hour.) and compiled several market lists for my hopeful batch.

And the stories are:

The Red Goddess
A Haunting of Roses (which I plan to re-title ’cause I’m stealing that title for an as yet unwritten fantasy novel)
A Terrible Thing
Auno’s Widow
The Ghost Jewel
Fast Money
… and one more whose title I can’t recall at the moment.

Tomorrow’s Writing Saturday with Michelle. Not sure yet what I’m going to work on.

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  1. Fun picture of Levi. I’m so happy you’re letting those short stories fly. I know 2009 will be your year.

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