follow the white rabbit


Matelda, Noe Bordignon

Ravishing sunshine today–oh my! Summer’s hit the stage before her time and slapped spring silly-93 degrees. But it won’t last past the coming week. Spring will pick herself up, kick summer in the shins, and send her scurrying back to her cave until she’s supposed to show up.

Since I’ve not been posting regularly or even semi-regularly lately, shutting down pendrifter has been on my mind, but I won’t do it. I like the blog. It’s a part of my writing practice, a part of me, and appallingly self-centered. I’ll take a break away from blogging for a while. I’ve got too much thinking and too much writing to do–the rabbit hole beckons.

I’ll continue to visit friends’ blogs, maybe post a great painting found in my wandering about online now and then, but for now–see you next time–whenever that’ll be.


3 thoughts on “follow the white rabbit

  1. I can relate to the infrequent blogging thing, but please don’t stay away too long. Breaks are important and worthwhile, but you have an excellent blog here and it’s well worth keeping it going.

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