kicking the can


Bridge with a Sluice, Jacob Ruisdael

Spent Easter Sunday at my sister’s, enjoyed a nummy dinner, enjoyed even more watching the sibling rivalry between my two young nieces aka the demonettes. The youngest (4 years old) is a quick study, already witty, already irritating the hell out of her older sister, who does a pretty good job of getting her prickles and pokes in too. This particular moment they were engaged in the usual–aggravating each other.  Demonette the Elder got into trouble with her Mom, got yelled at, laid the blame on little sister; Demonette the Younger immediately declared Demonette the Elder, “Loser!” , forming her little  forefinger and thumb into an “L”, wagging it in big sister’s face. Sure glad I live two hours away.

So it’s Tuesday already! What have I been up to?

1. Working on Gaius’s storyline, finding it easier to write it  entirely as a novella

2. No recent work on the Riley short story; it’ll keep.

3. Thinking about my screenplay, SHADOW  WALK, worked out some more of it.

4. Editing LOOSE DADDY

I seem to be making progress.