Herodias, Paul Delaroche

7:00 pm Update: I’ve had a productive day. Frustration was nibbling at me, but I kept the pen up and pushed forward with additional plotting for A Lamentation of Swans; a good thing happened. I’ve got so many scenes–Gaius scenes, Mira scenes, Ferrant scenes, an Annasara scene or two–it all was driving me crazy; I couldn’t quite get a grip on the narrative–what a wrestling match–and the pit was yawning. So today, I dropped everybody else’s scenes from the narrative except Gaius’s. I did a line for scene in Scrivener with only his scenes, since he is my main character, and lo and behold, the core story showed itself–and all this time I’d been thinking I had nothing. I’ve got 23 line for scene cards for Gaius, and I can see other scenes sprouting from them. I’m rolling on to the end. I’m so relieved.

I’m celebrating with Netflix, ‘Salem’s Lot, and then, if I have a bit of evening left, I’m going to finish reading Elizabeth Bear’s NEW AMSTERDAM.

Bought daffodils today at Trader Joe’s to place on my desk at the day job. Just looking at those cheerful yellow blooms will keep me smiling.



It’s Monday and I’m home still! I really needed a long weekend and it’s been great to be away from the drive and the office, and so very nice to have free days to work on the fiction. Before I start today’s work, I’ve got to run a few errands, but here’s where my writing to-do’s stand:

  • A Lamentation of Swans – started the new Gaius scene, but now I’m not sure about it: 569 words so far.
  • Placed Loose Daddy in Scrivener and started the scene by scene summary.
  • Wrote not one but several more paragraphs on the Riley short story. 1,220 words at the moment.
  • Did more plotting on the vampire fantasy; have Act I nicely set up.

4 thoughts on “apples

  1. Thank you, Colin. I sure hope I get to keep it when the book’s published. (Positive thinking rocks!) d:)

  2. You had a great weekend with a major victory in SWANS. Congratulations. You covered so much ground in your other projects too. Laurels will be heaped upon you.

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