it never rains…


Listen to my Sweet Pipings, John William Waterhouse

It never rains in Southern California, except for when it does–and chaos ensues. I rolled out of bed and hit the road about 5:30 this morning so’s to be ahead of all those people who don’t know how to drive in the rain. Traffic was busy already, but I made it down the northbound 405 in one long wet swoop, glad to not be farther north where an accident had backed up traffic or farther south where an accident had backed up traffic, or to the east where an accident had backed up traffic. It’s banana peel Friday on So Cal’s freeways.

Not much to say at the moment–did good work on A Lamentation of Swans, but forgot to write down the new count, will update the bar tomorrow.

Um, I hate to confess this, but I’m about to cheat…


One thought on “it never rains…

  1. Gosh it seems ages since I visited your blog and I realized when I read it how much I’m missing my blog friends. I’ve just been so busy with classes and trying to squeeze in time to work on Shadow. But things will wind down soon and I have all weekend now to relax and perhaps post a new blog and visit some blog friends and hopefully get more written on Shadow. I meant to today but my printer sabotaged my attempts which was mucho frustrating!

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