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Half Sick of Shadows, John William Waterhouse

January has flown. Writing A Lamentation of Swans, I feel like a little furry animal pushing a rock along with my nose. I’m making progress. Some new narrative, but I’ve been slicing and dicing too. This morning I’m attending my writer’s group meeting; been a while since I last went. Decided to read from Loose Daddy–picking up from where I last read months ago. The manuscript’s been lying fallow, ‘though it’s been on my mind, but Swans gets all my time for the next several months so any new stuff that comes up for Loose Daddy will have to wait. It’s a finished manuscript, but I feel like there’s room for more. With publishing in a down swing, with some publishers not even acquiring for the time being, I needn’t pressure myself about getting it up to speed and out the door. It’ll keep.


3 thoughts on “coffee break

  1. But what if YOU are the one that the publishing houses want?

    Love the view out the window in this Waterhouse painting. It reminds me of a scene out of SWANS.

    Hello February!

  2. An odd coincidence, I was thinking of using A lamentation of Swans for my working title (in mystery) for nanowrimo and just thought I’d *check* to see if anyone else was using it. Aha! Well, it was only a passing fancy, I will leave it to you.

    Congratulations on your win, and all the best on your novel.

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