that sweet face



Taffy, 1997 – 2009

Taffy went to her final rest Saturday morning. She had FIV (Feline Immuno Virus), but it was kidney failure that took her away. She was an adorable cat, of sweet disposition, talkative, and smart too. She used to herd me into the bedroom when it was sleep time, she’d try to hold me down in the mornings so I wouldn’t leave her–she’d sit on my chest or my legs, whatever it took–and she talked to me every night, a regular feline scolding for leaving her all day. 

Taffy, four years old in 2001, was rescued by a couple ladies from the parking lot of my former workplace.  They scooped her up one day, took her to the vet, got her shots and the FIV diagnosis, and sent out an e-mail. I responded and took her home with me. We were best buds the moment she rolled over on my bed and offered her tummy for stroking. We had 8 fun years together. 

Cats can live with FIV for a very long time. It’s usually a secondary infection or disease that kills. Taffy was a great cat. She went gently into the long dark.

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