gilded leaves in the winds of time


Swans, Leon Spilliaert

I look forward to diving back into the great white sea that is A Lamentation of Swans, but these past months I’ve realized that the horizon is no longer vacant and endless. There is land over the rim so I’ll keep swimming.

I’ve fretted over aspects of the novel, worried at  points of view like picking stubborn threads from delicate fabric, and generally fussed the story into a coma. I’ve come to see that there is nothing wrong with my vision for the book, that all roads begun and abandoned are innocent pathways undeserving of my contempt. I must stop turning my yellow bricks into ash, and accept that the wizard is real and right. Any path I wish to follow, any gate I wish to step through  is fine because I know the overall arc, I love the characters, the place, the ideas–I don’t need to keep floundering in the great white sea. Relax, breathe, keep swimming, the sea will carry me to shore.

My only GDR for 2009 is:

Finish A Lamentation of Swans.

In mid-December I picked up a copy edit job by way of a writer friend. In addition to my enjoyment of the work, it was nice to make extra money in the most expensive month of the year. I finished the job last night. I was reminded of my goal a couple years ago to develop a part-time freelance writing business. I’ve not forgotten, but so much gets in the way of things I want to do. There are a couple additional goals I’d like to accomplish this year, but I’m not placing them as GDR’s because I do not want anything to distract me from working on or finishing A Lamentation of Swans.

So, with that in mind, these are THINGS I WANT TO DO:

Design a freelance writing website offering editorial services.

Send Loose Daddy out to agents.

However, there is only one paramount goal this year and I want nothing to distract me from it.



5 thoughts on “gilded leaves in the winds of time

  1. Happy New Year to you and a year of successful writing and grand adventures.
    My main object is to finish Shadow of the Lion and get back to the gym!
    I’ve been mostly housebound these past snowy weeks so that’s been good for writing, but I am desperately in need of some aerobic exercise, water-fit or some good long walks. (too snowy and icy to make my way even to the grocery store with difficulty. And very cold too!)

  2. I wish you a prosperous year filled wtih contracts! My goal is to finish Rivers in Space and submit it, simplify my life, and dance more in aisles.

  3. A Lamentation of Swans is a wonderful title, fills me with longing.
    And Michelle K, what is this about dancing in aisles? This was commonplace at some point in the history of the church, before the onslaught of the hierarchies and the perceived need for a rigid structure. But these days it sounds like some kind of delicious heresy or, at least, a truly absorbing hobby.

  4. Dancing in the church aisles sounds sweet even to this staid Quaker woman, but since I’d just returned from a packed flight from Denver International to the John Wayne airport, I was probably thinking (metaphorically) of doing the samba down that 757 aisle. I probably trudged on and off the plane seething with impatience, and so missed a terrific opportunity to dance. That was 2008.

    I want to practice more joy in 2009.

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