burning in the wind


Skittle Players Outside and Inn, Jan Steen

25,000, Untitled Novel #5. Short post today as I must get to work. Had to study this morning and I really didn’t want to leave that to later ’cause then I’d not be getting to it at all. I’d much rather be free to treat myself to a new SUPERNATURAL episode or my latest Netflix dvd rather than open that damned real estate principles book. So anyway, yesterday I met Janet for our monthly lunch, but before I left I managed to reach 22,869 words. Driving home later, smoke from the fires burning in Yorba Linda in the hills at Coal Canyon and Green River blanketed the sky–earlier there had been a great big billowy pillar of smoke that the fierce and gusty Santa Ana’s scattered far and wide. The sky was smudged, a heavy underblanket of smoke hovered near the horizon, and the light of the afternoon was greatly dimmed. A bright hole in a smoke-stained mass of cloud, the sun was a brilliant gold disk in a bronze penumbra. Burning scented the wind all the way to Long Beach. When Janet and I stepped outside after lunch and paused to talk, ash blew in my mouth.

Went back to work after I got home and reached 25,000 before bed. Today I’d like to do another 5000 words–we’ll see.


8 thoughts on “burning in the wind

  1. Thanks, Michelle!
    Hi, Devon, no need to worry–I’m a good distance away near the beach but Michelle appreciates your concern. She’s much closer to the fire zone. d:

  2. The clouds of smoke must be so ominous.
    I’m finished all the odds and ends for now (travel writing bits and pieces) and my classes end this week. So hopefully I will be able to push ahead with my novel now.

  3. That sounds awful. Glad you’re ok.

    What’s Netflix? I keep reading US blogs that mention it…sounds like a popular thing but I can’t be bothered Googling it. 🙂

  4. you are doing great! and I’m reading this days after you wrote it so you’ve likely passed your 25K – rock on!

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