candy bar


Love Among the Ruins, Sir Edward Burne-Jones

20,908, Untitled Novel #5. (Must update the counter.) Candy bar–I credit Holly Lisle with this descriptive term for those scenes that are fun and sweet to write. They are the treats in the feast of words. The “easy” scenes shall we say that we anticipate writing, and can hardly wait to get to them. I have “easy” in quotes ’cause even when it’s a candy bar scene, you still might have trouble getting the wrapping off. But still, sweet for us, for the characters, not so much.

This weekend Aimeric is going to tell Angelaine something dire and dangerous about himself. It will change her view of him; she’ll discover he’s not the man she thought she married, and the two of them will face a terrible decision. Oh man I can hardly wait. Is it 6 o’clock yet?