11046, November Novel. This lovely work is by Edward Reginald Frampton. The title was just too long for me to bother. Had to do six loads of laundry this morning; done now, and getting ready to start the writing day. My treat for reaching 10,000 words by Friday was Episode 14 of SUPERNATURAL, which I thoroughly enjoyed watching last night. I don’t get to watch Episode 15 until I make another 10,000 words.

Driving in yesterday morning I lost touch with reality for a few seconds. The morning sunlight shining on the cars, the cars themselves, my steering wheel–all blinked away and I was staring at my thoughts, thinking about the book. Luckily I blinked back into the ordinary in time before Junior stole a kiss from the rear bumper of the car in front of me.

I really need to stop doing this zombie run routine.