rusty flute


View of the River, Canaletto

9763, November Novel. This morning I’m going to write about the mirror of power in Aimeric’s bedchamber. I must continuously remind myself: I do not have to write with structure in mind or plotting or anything. This first draft is an exploration of the story and the only important thing is to get the main action down on paper. I try not to think too hard or too much as I consider the next thing to write. Later I can research and think about the book, rewrite it all. It does not matter if this first draft is completely crappy.


4 thoughts on “rusty flute

  1. I’m right there with you, telling myself the same thing after writing a section I’m really not happy with at all. *slaps hand away from starting back at the beginning to edit…*

  2. Ernest Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is shit.”
    Crude but true, perhaps?

  3. Love this picture and its title. Good titile for a novel, eh? Hint, hint. Nothing’s come to mind yet for this November novel? Hope you have a powerful weekend of writing. And, yes, if you’ve captured the story’s actions from start to end in your first draft, the rest is just decorating later drafts at leisure.

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