one sentence at a time

Woman Weighing Gold, Jan Sanders van Hemessen

The morning began with rain, the air humid, with the barest touch of cool. Clouds, thick and cottony, cloak the horizon, and are scattered mounds of fluff gathered here and there in the blue reaches. It’s Day 2 and along with my pages, I’m going to make soup. I love to cook and write at the same time. I think while I peel, chop, saute, and simmer.  I’ve got five tomatoes, plump, red and shiny, garlic, pot-grown basil, roast chicken, and brown rice–the makings of a lovely soup.

Likewise, I’ve got characters, situation, setting, and conflict–all that I need to make a lovely novel–one sentence at a time.


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  1. I’m taking a break from “nano-ing” and enjoying, as always, your blog art. OK, OK, back to work…

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